Guru Nanak Seva

Sikhs Serving The Community

Show kindness and mercy to all beings, and realize that the Lord is pervading everywhere; this is the way of life of the enlightened soul, the supreme swan.
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji; The eleventh Guru of the Sikhs

Guru Nanak Seva is a community support group. We use the principles of Sikhi to serve our local community in South London.

These concepts and revelations of Sikhi were introduced to the Sikhs by their First Guru; Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. One of these principles is SEVA; to serve others without wanting anything in return.

In 2018 we began with another Sikh concept of LANGAR (Free Kitchen) and have been serving free hot meals to rough sleepers, the under priveleged and wider community ever since.

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