The Free Kitchen is what we call our pop up free hot food stall. It refers to the concept of serving Langar.

Langar is a free a hot meal cooked by sevadars (selfless servants) for anyone and everyone, equally, without distinction of religion, caste, gender, economic status or ethnicity. This is an integral part of the Sikh way of life, therefore every Gurdwara in the world ( Sikh place of worship) has a free community kitchen where Langar is cooked and served on a daily basis.

This was started over 500 years ago by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji; the founder of the Sikh faith, who taught us that we are all one. We wanted to bring that kitchen out of the Gurdwara and on to our local streets.

In December 2018 we began serving Langar outside Woolwich Arsenal DLR station for an hour every Sunday and Thursday evening. Then in 2020 during the second Covid-19 lockdown, on Thursdays, we began serving in Erith instead. We also provide sleeping bags, blankets and clothing for rough sleepers. Langar is not just for the homeless and we offer it to everyone just as we would in our Gurdwaras. It is cooked with love and positivity and with a blessing from our Guru Ji.


We have seen the positivity it has brought, not only the rough sleepers, but also those who may be lonely, suffering from mental health issues, suffering from being on furlough or struggling because of the high cost of living.

However, we do try to prioritise rough sleepers and those that are less privileged, therefore once we can see that the demand for our service has decreased we start serving in a new area to help benefit the community there.

After two years of serving in Erith, in 2023 we began serving once a week in Lewisham, outside the Library. We also continue to serve in Woolwich on a weekly basis.

We are grateful to the Mayor Of The London Borough Of Bexley for awarding us with a Civic Recognition Of Voluntary Service By Adults in 2022 for our efforts in Erith.

With the blessings of the one Creator, we have not missed one day of the Free Kitchen, come wind, rain, snow or Global pandemic and we pray that we are blessed enough to continue to do so.


Sundays 1.00pm to 2.00pm
Outside Lewisham Library
Lewisham High Street SE13 6LG

Thursdays 6.00pm to 7.00pm
Woolwich Market Entrance (DLR station/ Costa Coffee) Woolwich New Road SE18 6HA


We always need help with cooking and serving the Langar

If you would like to get involved in this Seva or would like more information, please click the button below