Gurbani Santhiya Classes


Santhiya is teaching of reading Gurbani (Sikh scriptures) correctly as prescription by our Guru Sahibs. Students are first taught to read Gurmukhi beginning with the alphabet. Punjabi is the spoken language of Punjab but the written text is called Gurmukhi; given to us by Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji, the second Sikh Guru. 

These classes are more advanced than normal Punjabi classes. Once you have learnt to read Gurmukhi you can read Punjabi literature but you require Santhiya to then read Gurbani. If you know how to read Gurmukhi it does not mean that you can read Gurbani properly. This is because there are various techniques and exceptions that need to be learnt in order read Gurbani correctly. 

This is something that is commonly overlooked nowadays. Though Punjabi Schools are an important asset to our local Gurdwara Sahibs, a lot of them do not teach the Santhiya. The words of Gurbani possess a divine power and through correct pronunciation of the Shabads (words of the Guru), the true fruits of that power can be reaped. If we can read Gurbani then we can connect properly, helping us to progress in our spiritual and worldly lives.

So in 2022, we teamed up with South London Sikh Youth and started Santhiya Classes, in English and Punjabi, at Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara Sahib Erith. With the blessings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, we are now running weekly Santhiya Classes where adult and child students are being taught by SLSY Sevadars.

The timings and location for Santhiya Classes are as follows:

  • Every Wednesday

  • 6:30pm to 7:30pm
    (Under 12s must be accompanied by an adult)

  • Guru Nanak Darbar Erith & Belvedere Gurdwara Sahib
    Lower Road, Kent, DA17 6AA

To access the Gurbani Santhiya Hub, which provides material and information from the classes, please click here.

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