Sikhi Camps


We are fortunate that South London has a long running summer Sikhi Camp run by South London Sikh Youth in Woolwich, which happened every year before Covid and was restarted in 2022. Children come to Gurdwara Sahib Woolwich for Six days and they partake in talks, practical sessions, Kirtan, Simran and outings to help them understand and connect with Sikhi.

We were inspired by this so in 2019 we asked SLSY to help us run a one day Winter Sikhi Camp at Erith Gurdwara. The camp was a great success but unfortunately due to Covid-19 and ongoing building works we have not been able to organise another camp at Erith. However, since 2021 we have helped organise several weekend Sikhi camps at Guru HarGobind Sahib Gurdwara Sahib Dartford alongside SLSY and Dartford Gurdwara Youth Sevadars. 

The camps continue every Winter, remembering the sacrifices of the Chaar Sahibzade and every Vaisakhi, remembering the birth of the Khalsa. Children take part in discussions, lessons and activities that not only help them to learn about Sikhi but to also gain social skills and safeguarding awareness.

If you would like more information on or would like to get involved in Sikhi Camp Seva please click the button below